Wooden houses Italfrom 14m2

casa de madera 10 300x225 - Casas de madera Italfrom 14m2 casa de madera 11 300x267 - Casas de madera Italfrom 14m2 casa de madera 9 300x199 - Casas de madera Italfrom 14m2

characteristics: grosor de pared de 34 mm. Measurements walls 450 x 330 cm x height 470 measurements Travi area pared 350 cm 205 cm 268 cm total height 14.3 m² volume area 33.0 m³ techo techo ledge 70 cm / gradient 22.3 m²/21,2 °; 14,7 ° beads ports ceiling and floor listoni measures 74 x 19 mm 164; 151 x 174 cm Medidas ventana 119 x 89 cm Cuello Tamaño 6,0 x 1,2 x 0,7 m N.B. Shipping: the product is delivered in bancale. If not muletto sec of the drain Far product so staff find sbancalare neck and hand scenderlo the general characteristics of the quality of our playhouses
profiles with walls cut Chalet for corners and wind resistant to rain.
Language (Junta) with thick walls 34mm. in his double to ensure a warmer home.
Only tetti axes and solid floor, most of these elements have a thickness of 19 mm.
travetti for solid foundation and treated for a solid and durable construction.
arcarecci strong for the roof, designed depending on the snow load.
Storm protection for windy days: guardians barras para el viento or THREADED.
A complete kit assembly (including top roof casitas designed to measure) for rapid assembly.
different pads have walls and roof elements pre-installati, which facilitates and significantly accelerates the installation Casetta.
The quality of our doors and windows is the best in its class: Doorframes wood sheet, manta exceeded the low door stainless steel, ventanas turn-tilt, real crystals and wide steps. Each product is separately contrassegnato the type of doors and windows used in the model.
Packs of casitas include detailed installation manual in different languages. NB package content may vary depending on model. The description of each model Casetta includes the list of the essential details.